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Center for Developmental & Applied Psychological Science - also known as CeDAPS - is a research unit at The Department of Communication and Psychology – Aalborg University, Denmark. 

Our Aims

We investigate theoretical, empirical and applied aspects of human lifelong development. CeDAPS gives students at Aalborg University the opportunity to learn research tehcniques in psychology from an applied and problem-based approach. Particular expertise covers the areas of general and applied approaches to memory, typical and atypical development, communication and (re)habilitation.

We provide research based teaching and supervision at the Bachelor, Master and PhD level. Notably we run two Graduate programmes: KHARE covers rehabilitation psychology, that is, the study and application of psychological knowledge and skills for the benefit of persons with disabilities (physical and mental disorders) or chronic diseases. DCD is a Clinic for Developmental Communication Disorders. The clinic offers short term assessment and intervention for school-age children in Denmark based on our own research and international collaborations.

We provide supervision in Danish, English, German  and Spanish.