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Vicki V. Vandaveer

Vicki V. Vandaveer, Ph.D., Houston, USA

Vicki V. Vandaveer, Ph.D., Houston, USA



VICKI V. VANDAVEER, PHD -- Consulting and Coaching Psychologist, and Founder and Chief Executive of The Vandaveer Group, Inc. -- Houston, Texas, USA

This presentation will focus on the critically important role of relationship in organizational consulting by psychologists, including what “excellence” looks like - and implications for the consulting psychologist.  

Effective relationship with the client is multi-faceted, complex, often uncomfortable, always challenging, and immensely satisfying when the client-consultant team achieve or exceed the desired results.  

Just a few of the facets addressed will be (a) multiple “clients” even if consulting only to one “primary client”; (b) trust; (c) ethics and morality in consulting - our obligations; and (d) Vandaveer’s “17 C’s of Excellence in Consulting”, the first 6 (“The Big Six”) of which are Confidentiality, Competence, Candor, Caring, Courage and Commitment.  


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Thirty-five years of experience include 12 years inside two Fortune 50 global corporations and the past 24 years in national and international consulting in a variety of industries and in different cultures in 22 countries on five continents. Clients include large international, and medium-size and small companies in oil and gas, energy services, engineering and construction; consumer products; academic medical centers; healthcare systems, and professional services firms.

Consulting and coaching psychologist, Founder and Chief Executive of the The Vandaveer Group based in Houston, Texas, Dr. Vandaveer’s primary areas of expertise include:

Trusted Leadership Advisor

  • All aspects of individual, group, and organizational performance, behavioral dynamics, and change

Executive Assessment and Coaching

  • Uses:  (a) input to selection decisions; (b) individual development
  • Individual and/or Team Coaching  to improve business results through effective leadership

Team Development and Conflict Resolution

  • High performing leadership teams
  • Professional Services Firms - Partner Team Development and Conflict Resolution


  • Fellow – American Psychological Association; Society of I/O Psychology; and Society of Consulting Psychology
  • President – Society of Consulting Psychology (2014-15)
  • Honorary Vice President – ISCP
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