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Prof Stephen Palmer PhD

Prof Stephen Palmer PhD


Beyond the coaching and therapeutic relationship: the supervisee-supervisor relationship

Much research has been undertaken focusing on the client-therapist relationship in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. More recently there has been an increase in the coach-coachee relationship research. However, interestingly there is only limited research examining the supervisee-supervisor relationship within coaching and coaching psychology fields. This paper will consider definitions of supervision; share the recent International Society for Coaching Psychology survey data regarding how important coaches and coaching psychologists rate regular supervision of their practice (including peer and group supervision); and reflect on some of the issues involved the supervisor-supervisee relationship.


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Prof Stephen Palmer PhD is an Adjunct Professor of Coaching Psychology at the Coaching Psychology Research Unit, Aalborg University and Coordinating Director of the ISCP International Centre for Coaching Psychology Research. He is Founder Director of the Centre for Stress Management, London and the Coaching Psychology Unit at City, University of London. He is the Honorary President of the International Society for Coaching Psychology and the International Stress Management Association. He is a Visiting Professor of Work Based Learning and Stress Management at the Institute for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University. He has written or edited over 50 books including the Handbook of Coaching Psychology, Handbook of Counselling, and the Beginner’s Guide to Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has published over 225 articles.

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