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Workshop on Soft Robots with Jonas Jørgensen

ArT 5 Students participate in a 2-day workshop led by Guest Lecturer Jonas Jørgensen (ITU) on how to design, build and program soft robots.


As part of the course Multimedia Programming, ArT5 students held a 2-day workshop on Soft Robots with Jonas Jørgensen ( from the Robotics, Evolution and Art Lab at IT University of Copenhagen.

Jonas is an art historian and a PhD student whose research focuses on artistic uses of robotic technology and practice-based exploration of robotic and biological system interactions. Soft Robots provide a huge potential to change our perception of what a robot constitutes, and create more bio-inspired robotic constructions.

The students were given the opportunity to learn how to cast and model their own soft robotic actuators as well as develop software to control their pneumatic actuation. The students will continue their investigation on soft robotic actuators as part of the course. The elective is co-taught by Markus Löchtefeld (Medialogy) and Associate Prof. Elizabeth Jochum (ArT)

The Workshop similar to one held at Robots & Art Forum of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation in Brisbane, Australia earlier this year, and co-organized by Dr. Jochum.