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PhD Thesis by Thomas Trøst Hansen: The Impacts of Academic Events - Cycles of Credibility as an Analytical Framework

This PhD dissertation explores the impact of academic events such as congresses, conferences, symposia, and meetings. More specifically, the focus is on the academic impact for individual attendees and chairs.

Academic events such as congresses, conferences, symposia and meetings are part and parcel of most academic careers. Endless hours are spent for both attendees and chairs on travelling, logistics, socialising and many other activities not directly related to core tasks such as teaching, research and knowledge dissemination.

Despite the entrenched nature, and the general wave of evaluation on institutions within higher education, there is hardly a language for describing the impact of academic events. This is not only a problem for academia itself, but also for the meetings industry, which need to understand how they are part of a system of knowledge production and utilization. Based on qualitative interview, a typology of academic events is presented, and their impact is analysed using the concept of cycles of credibility. Focus is both on attendees and chairs of academic events.

The project has been carried out under the Industrial PhD programme. Besides funding Innovation Fund Denmark, the project has been developed and financed in collaboration with Wonderful Copenhagen, VisitAarhus, Humanomics Research Centre and Tourism Research Unit at Aalborg University.

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