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Presentation by Natasa Lackovic:

Presentation by Natasa Lackovic: "Inquiry graphics" method: a semiotic analytical framework for doing research with photograph

This talk is about a framework for inquirying photographs that was termed "inquiry graphics". The framework was developed and applied pedagogically in my PhD thesis DBR project, building on the meaning making triad principle of Peircian semiotics and adaptation of Roland Barthes' notion of anchorage, adding the orientation of critical inquiry.


25.05.2016 kl. 10.00 - 12.00


I'll first say a few words about this framework in the context of image-based pedagogy relevant to my thesis (and the upcoming publications), then I'll turn to this framework as an analytical framework that I am proposing for research with photographs across disciplines, and Educational/TEL research in particular.

The framework is a part of regular image-based research exercise that our Department's PhD students do with me, either within the digital module I convene on Teaching, Tearning and Assessment or face-to-face seminar. This means that I'll also share insights on how postgraduate students react to this framework, one major reaction being their realisation that using pictures in Higher Education research is far from a naive, superficial child's game that many students believe before they do the exercise, which only confirms the undermined status of images in HE.

Bio: Natasa Lackovic is a Lecturer/early career researcher in Higher Education at Lancaster University (UK), Department of Educational Research. Her research interest is in image-based research and pedagogy, building on selected lenses and media, such as semiotics, conceptual holism, critical pedagogy and graphic novels. 

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