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PhD Defence by Sandra Safwat: E-learning course design from a cross cultural perspective

PhD Defence by Sandra Safwat: E-learning course design from a cross cultural perspective

This PhD research addresses the challenges faced in the export of blended learning educational programs across national, cultural and linguistic borders. The study attempts to shed a light on the differences in the learning practices of students in different countries, by using a mix between ethnography and grounded theory methodologies, to explore the different educational systems and learning practices in the three countries under study in this research; Denmark, Egypt and Vietnam.


12.06.2015 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


PhD Defence by Sandra Safwat:  E-learning course design from a cross cultural perspective. A study of the factors affecting egyptian and vietnamese students' acceptance and usage of the e-learning component of a blended learning mba program designed in northern europe

The results of this study aim at helping exporting educational institutions to understand how these differences in learning practices affect students' approach to learning and consequently their acceptance of new tools used for learning as e-learning.

By observing the natural settings in which learning takes place and making descriptive analyses of selective learning situations in the three countries, the researcher attempts to develop a better understanding of the different relations between the key players of learning in these countries, namely students, teachers and teaching materials. This will help in identifying the incongruence between e-learning course designs and the actual sequence of events happening in the learning process in these countries and thus offer suggestions about how e-learning courses can be modified to better suit students’ needs in developing countries.


Examining committee:

Professor Ellen Christiansen, Aalborg University (Chair)
Associate Professor Marianne Georgsen, Via University College
Professor David McConnell, Lancaster University


Professor Ann Bygholm, Aalborg University



Department of Communication and Psychology


Room 5.127, Rendsburggade 14, Aalborg, Denmark