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PhD defence by Sanna Schliewe

PhD defence by Sanna Schliewe

Sanna Schliewe defends the PhD Thesis: Privileged Migration: Danes and their domestic workers in India


20.05.2019 kl. 13.00 - 16.00


About the thesis

The number of high skilled people moving between countries to work on temporary contracts is increasing. However, we know little about the phenomenological experiences and psychological dynamics of temporary migration. This thesis contributes to the limited literature in this field, with a particular focus on the psychological processes that take place when people from the Global North move to the Global South; a move that includes not only novel cultural encounters but also a rise in socioeconomic position. Based on extensive (phenomenological) fieldwork and a longitudinal interview study, the project explore how privileged migration is experienced and negotiated in everyday encounters between expatriates and local domestic workers in India. Furthermore, the complex dialogical relationship between the expatriates’ subjective experiences and the sociocultural settings of which they are part is illuminated through cultural psychology theory. The concluding section provides suggestions on how this novel knowledge may be used in applied settings. Read more and download thesis.

About Sanna Schliewe


PhD supervisor: Professor. Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University
Assistant PhD supervisor: Professor. Jaan Valsiner, Aalborg University

PhD committee:

Professor Svend Brinkmann, Aalborg University
Professor Tania Zittoun, University of Neuchatel
Associate Professor Rashmi Singla, Roskilde University

The defence is followed by a reception.

Everybody is welcome!


Department of Communication and Psychology


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