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Open lecture by Anna Sparrman: The Naked Child

Open lecture by Anna Sparrman: The Naked Child

This is the third lecture in ViLD’s series of open lectures that address the question: Why do we need research in visualizations in Society?


18.01.2019 kl. 14.00 - 15.00


Image above: Artist photographer Polixeni Papapetrou. On the picture her daughter Olympia Nelson.

We have invited international top researchers to share their expertise addressing the overall research interest on the visuals potential for knowledge generation. This time professor Anna Sparrman from Linköping University gives a talk.


In our own contemporary time the image of the naked child has become a moral dilemma. Such wide group of actors such as Facebook, journalists, paedophiles, children themselves, legislation, book publishers, schools, parents and politicians defines how the image of children’s nudity can and/or should (not) be circulated in today’s society. The argumentation could be described as a visual battle concerning whom’ s gaze should prevail. The issue at stake is who the winner of this battle is?  It also raises issues concerning how this battle defines the naked child, the child more generally, adults, child- and adult sexuality and what it more generally says about our societies?

Anna Sparrman

Anna Sparrman

Anna Sparrman, PhD, is a Professor at The Department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies, Linköping University, Sweden. Sparrman works at the theoretical intersection between visual culture, child consumption, child culture, and child sexuality. She has a special interest in visual materiality and how norms and values are enacted in relation to children and in children’s practices. Sparrman focuses on human and non-human entanglements and the in-scientific study of Child Studies; launching the concept of Child Studies Multiple. She is also interested in visual methodologies, ethnography and is at the moment working on her upcoming book Children, sexuality and visual culture: Enacting the peadophilic gaze.


Research Center: Visual Studies and Learning Design


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