Information Analytics

Information Analytics

The Information Analysis group is part of the Communication & Information Science group at the Faculty of Humanities of Aalborg University Copenhagen. Our research is aimed at intelligent access, prediction and analytics of information in the face of large amounts of information. We work on information access (search engines, recommender systems, citation analysis), business intelligence (data mining, behavioral analysis) and entertainment computing (game analytics, social media analytics). We combine fundamental, experimental and applied research using a broad range of textual data, behavioral data, and data from the web; delivering actionable insights, business processes and support for government and industry.

Research interests

  • Search engines & information retrieval
  • Recommender systems & personalization
  • Citation analysis & research evaluation
  • Game analytics
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Applied business intelligence & data mining
  • Big data
  • Applied social media analytics
  • Health informatics


  • Deriving actionable insights from large-scale user behavior data
  • Improving user experience in digital interactive information-heavy environments like domain specific information retrieval, online game environments,
  • Predictive analytics for high-dimensional complex datasets in games, smart cities, energy use, research performance
  • Developing timely, accurate, & context-aware access to large information collections
  • Improving bibliometric indicators
  • Online/offline behavior and decision making
  • Data driven decision processes in information-intensive business and government organizations